Workforce Small Group/Corporate Training

Workforce Small Group/Corporate Training

Create a safer workplace with OSHA-compliant training from HEALTHYABI safety experts. The HEALTHYABI can help with flexible training solutions designed to fit your organization, meet your corporate guidelines, and stay within your budget. Whether it's required by OSHA, part of your company policy or you simply want a safer workplace, the HEALTHYABI has First Aid, CPR, AED and other training solutions for you.

Who Should Register?

The course is designed for workplace professionals to ensure their safety and increase productivity. Anyone from organization can participate including:

Lower-level employees



Key Takeaways

At the end of the program participants will have a greater understanding of workplace hazards and how to deal with them.

  • Your written safety plan — what it is, how to create it and where to find online forms - guidelines to help.
  • How to pass an OSHA inspection?
  • How to maintain meticulous records that meet OSHA standards.
  • Workplace violence — how to spot red flags and keep workers and visitors safe from threats.
Other Training
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