Infection Control and Waste Management

Infection Control and Waste Management

Become efficient in reducing the risk of infection spreading within your socio-cultural environment. Infection can become a threat if not taken good care of in the beginning. Therefore, it is better to be safe than to regret it later.

The Healthyabi Infection Prevention Control Program (IPC Program) aims to enlighten health workers, patients, nurses, and other staff members about the threats that infection can have to the safety of individuals.

The program focuses on four key aspects, such as improving patient care, tackling antibiotic resistance, financial savings, and benefiting caregivers.

Who Should Register?

The IPC Program is Primarily for those who have direct contact with patients daily. Anyone who doesn’t belong to the above category can also join to help in safeguarding their loved ones.

Office Worker

Professionals from safety institutions


Parents, teachers and babysitters

General public

Key Takeaways

Once you complete the IPC course, you can.

  • Describe the fundamentals of IPC practises that stop the spread of infections.
  • Determine the risk factors in the extensive care environment.
  • Identify and describe the core components of the IPC.
  • Identify the standard precautions during patient care activities.
  • The crucial aspects of sanitation and environmental hygiene.
  • Describe best practises for infection prevention in detail.
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